About Shodair Children’s Hospital

Shodair Children's Hospital began as a home for orphaned and abandoned children in 1896. As Shodair evolved to meet the needs of Montana's children, it became the first facility in the state to treat children with polio, the first facility with a department of medical genetics, and the first with a chemical dependency unit dedicated to adolescents.

Since that time Shodair Children's Hospital has stayed in step with the ever-changing needs of Montana's children. Shodair's medical specialists develop programming that meets our mission "To heal, help and inspire hope."

Shodair is a non-profit organization that is overseen by a board of community members.  

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Shodair has a financial assistance program  help cover costs, it's called ShoCare. Click here for our financial assistance policy and click here for the eligibility table.

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Shodair's Outpaitent Sevices


Acute Inpatient Program
Residential Treatment Programs
Genetic Services

Thank you for your interest in Shodair Children's Hospital, Montana's premier provider of psychiatric treatment for children and adolescents, and comprehensive genetic services for people of all ages.

Shodair Children's Hospital is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to patient safety. As part of our commitment to a culture of safety, employees should know that they can communicate directly with The Joint Commission if a problem occurs that an employee believes has not been corrected. No punitive action is taken when an employee communicates directly to The Joint Commission. Anytime staff notes patient safety problems, they should be immediately brought to the attention of a supervisor who is responsible for documenting the concern and taking appropriate corrective action.

Contact information for the Joint Commission is available at www.jointcommission.org.