Acute Care

Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Program

Shodair Children’s Hospital is the only facility in the state of Montana to offer both Acute and Residential psychiatric treatment services for children and adolescents.

There are two Acute Care Units that accommodates up to 30 children from ages 3 to 18. The Acute Psychiatric Inpatient program was designated in 2006 and offers intensive services for emotionally and behaviorally impaired children and their families who are in crisis. At Shodair, children and families interact with a team of specialists, including nurses, doctors, therapists, and teachers.

Admissions to the Acute Unit:

If you have a child in crisis and in need of evaluation and stabilization, please call us directly at 1-(800)-447-6614 or (406) 444-7521 for personal assistance.

Available services include:

Children admitted to the Acute Psychiatric Inpatient program are typically at great risk, and can no longer be maintained safely in their communities. The program offers a safe, structured living environment for children while they receive needed professional supervision and interventions. Family involvement in the evaluation and treatment process is a program priority. Family members are encouraged to visit often, and to participate in therapeutic meetings. The program goals are to help children regain safe and effective functioning, prepare children for re-entry into their homes and communities, and provide practical coordination of resources for continuing care.