Jack Casey Shodair Home

What is the Jack Casey Shodair Home?

What does the Shodair Family House Offer?

The Shodair Family House provides parent education groups to help enhance parenting skills. The facility also offers a multitude of amenities for guests, including:

Thanks to the Montana Credit Unions, the Jack Casey Shodair Home is completely furnished with beds, couches, chairs and tables. Montana's Credit Unions were able to raise $46,000 for these furnishings during their year-round fundraising in 2014. 

The Jack Casey Shodair Home offers four family suites that accommodate five people each, along with two single rooms. The House has the capacity to accommodate nearly 30 adults ach children at on time.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Please contact your child's therapist or the Shodair Family House staff if you have questions. 406.444.1130

House Guidelines

Chris Bates, Director of Nursing
Phone: 406.444.7500
Jack Casey Shodair Home

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