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We are honored that his young lady so boldy is sharing her story. The Shodair team made a profound impact in her life, and that only happens because of generous donors and supporters. We are so thankful for every dollar contributed to our organization! 
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Dear Shodair Family, 

I am writing to say thank you! 

Because of your support of Shodair Children's Hospital, my son, Jason, is alive and well, despite having been diagnosed as a baby with a rare condition called Phenylketonuria (also knows, as PKU).

Due to PKU, Jason's body cannot break down amino acids and therefore he can't eat the diet so many of his friends, and so many of us, take for granted. Rather, Jason's diet is highly regimented, requiring him to ingest special medical formula to stave off ill effects of his condition and closely monitor his health. 

Thanks to the Medical Genetics Department at Shodair, which as provided Jason and  my family with support and care, he is conquering what would otherwise be a debilitating condition! 

Once again, I want to thank you for for your support. Your generosity allows Shodair Children's Hospital to provide life-changing treatments for other Montana kids like Jason. 

Michelle Albin 

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