Planned Giving

The Shodair Children’s Hospital and Montana Children’s Foundation (MCF) family is always preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  With your support, by leaving your legacy for future generations of children, we will surely meet those needs. We will work with you and your professional advisors to design the right charitable gift plan that can address a number of planning and tax issues, while meeting your financial goals. Working as a team, we will structure a plan that will benefit you, your family, and the children of the future.

Planned gifts are charitable contributions made by taking into consideration not just your philanthropic objectives, but also your personal and family financial goals as well. A planned gift is one of the most personal ways to give, and it will ensure that your legacy with Shodair Children’s Hospital and the Montana Children’s Foundation will last forever.

You and your family will be forever recognized for your commitment and generosity to Shodair Children's Hospital and for your support in helping provide the best psychiatric and genetic care to our young patients.

To explore your charitable giving and planned giving options, contact Keith Meyer at 406-444-7529.