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Montana Children's Foundation generates resources to support Shodair Children's Hospital, a national  leader in the field of childhood and adolescent psychiatry and medical  genetics, in its quest to provide excellent patient care, innovative treatment  models, and support the education of healthcare professionals.

The Foundation, established in 1977, raises  funds to support the activities of Shodair Children's Hospital. The Montana Children's Foundation (MCF) serves  as the donors' hands;reaching out to patients, physicians and the community to  provide resources for the hospital that would not be available otherwise. The  hospital, Montana's  only dedicated children's hospital, was also one of the first members of the  Children's Miracle Network, the alliance of premier hospitals for children.

Community partners and volunteers are imperative because they help us provide the much needed care to some of Montana's most vulnerable residents. Currently a group of Carroll College students is working in the garden with patients; a few members from the Clay Arts Guild is assisting us in learning how to use our kiln, and members of the Indian Allliance has been coming to help patients make dreamcatchers.

For years the read dogs have visited our patients bringing smiles, laughter, and a few wet licks every week. We cannot thank you enough for their handlers commitment.

Three-quarters of our patients are on Medicaid and therefore Shodair depends on the generousity of others to help cover those costs.

ShoCare is a finanaical assistance program for families. To see the brochure click here.