Medical Genetics Services

Meet Cooper and his canine pal, Axl.

Cooper is one of nearly 800 Montanans served last year by Shodair's Genetics Team. Read more about his story and others in the upcoming issue of Shodair's Magazine!



The mission of Shodair Children’s Hospital’s Department of Medical Genetics is to provide excellence in meeting genetic needs of Montanans through testing, counseling, and support for families, outreach, scholarship, and education.

This program is medically oriented and offers a broad range of services to individuals and families with birth defects, genetic and hereditary conditions with or without mental retardation. Our genetic services include patient evaluations, genetic counseling, and education. Service may be for diagnosis, prognosis, natural history, recurrence risk information, psychological support, prenatal diagnosis, fetal death evaluation, molecular genetic and other special testing or for a variety of other reasons. An important part of the service mandate is to educate lay and professional Montanans about genetics and genetic conditions so they are aware of what services may benefit them.

To schedule an appointment at one of our genetic outreach clinic locations, call Shodair Children’s Hospital toll-free at (800) 477-6614 or at (406) 444-7500.