Laboratory Services

Shodair’s nationally recognized medical genetics department provides genetic evaluation and counseling to citizens throughout all of Montana. The Medical Genetics Program offers comprehensive services to individuals with genetic conditions or concerns about their risk to transmit or develop a genetic disorder. The program is sponsored in part through funding from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The Genetics Laboratory offers specialized testing as a part of the comprehensive medical genetics program based at Shodair Children’s Hospital. The Genetics Laboratory provides a wide variety of patient focused esoteric studies with an emphasis on quality, turnaround time, and personal responsiveness to providers. In addition to our dedicated laboratory staff, Shodair’s medical geneticists and genetic counselors are available to help clinicians and families understand test results.

The Genetics Laboratory provides services to patients of all ages throughout Montana and the western United States.

Laboratory Forms

Next Generation Sequencing

Our Molecular Genetics team now offers Next Generation Sequencing.  Our mission is to serve Montana residents and their health care professional by bringing comprehensive clinical and laboratory genetic services to…

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The Cytogenetics Laboratory at Shodair has been serving Montana and surrounding states for over 30 years. A nationally recognized, full service laboratory, the staff has a combined 100+ years of…

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Molecular Genetics

Molecular Diagnostics uses multiple methods to detect specific mutations in a patient ’s DNA which are diagnostic for various disorders. Molecular analysis through DNA testing of blood or tissue samples…

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Fetal Pathology

Shodair Children's Hospital Genetics Laboratory offers limited fetal pathology and cytogenetics analysis on fetuses, fetal tissue, and/or placenta. Limited fetal pathology services include an external exam of the body and…

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Specimen Requirements

Specimens and test request form must be labeled with the patient name and a unique identifier (date of birth, medical record number). Packaging of specimens must comply with DOT, International…

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