Services Offered

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Shodair Children’s Hospital is the only facility in Montana to offer both acute and residential treatment services for children and adolescents.

Acute Psychiatric
Inpatient Program

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The Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Program offers intensive services for emotionally and behaviorally impaired children and their families who are in crisis. The program gives children a safe, structured living environment while they receive professional supervision and interventions.

Adolescent Residential Treatment Programs

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Shodair provides three developmentally specific residential treatment programs for middle school and high school children. Each program provides a safe, therapeutic, and nurturing environment to promote positive change.

Outpatient Services

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The clinic located on Shodair’s campus provides outpatient care for Shodair’s patients and their families. It is staffed with child and adolescent psychiatrists, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a licensed therapist. Pediatric providers can receive free consultations with Shodair Connect.

Education Services

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School at Shodair is accredited by the AdvancED and operates year-round. This allows students the opportunity to work in academic areas as needed or make up missed credits. All teachers have special education endorsements.

Medical Genetic Services

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The mission of Shodair Children’s Hospital’s Department of Medical Genetics is to provide excellence in meeting genetic needs of Montanans through diagnosis, consultation, support for families, outreach, scholarship, and education.

Financial assistance

Shodair is committed to the Montana community. We support families through various ways, including offering a financial assistance program and a therapeutic lodging program for families who come to visit their child and need assistance in covering costs. Click here for the ShoCare brochure for financial assistance. Click here for the application form.