The Shodair fundraising goal - almost to $14 million.
Shodair has $500 thousand left to reach the fundraising goal

Six years ago, Shodair began dreaming of a space Montana kids deserve – one that is intentional, open, safe, flexible, and hopeful. And on February 3, 2023, after launching the most significant fundraising effort in Shodair’s history, that dream came to fruition when we moved into our new facility. Located at the edge of Montana’s capital city and standing three stories tall is a children’s mental health hospital unlike any other. Its windows stretch from floor to ceiling, a public café adorns the building’s entrance, and when the sun sets and the night rises, there, with its multicolored lights and illuminated interior, remains a beacon of hope – shining for the world to see. For years, Shodair has worked to be Montana’s leading resource in children’s mental health. And today, we continue that effort in a way that cannot only be heard but seen – through the intentional design of our new hospital building. But we didn’t do it alone. 

In May 2021, we asked you – our friends, family, and Shodair community – to rally alongside us in building hope for Montana families. And, unsurprisingly, you showed up! Since the launch of our building campaign, together, we have raised $13.5 million, expanded Shodair’s campus, supported hundreds of local employees, created a more unified Montana, and accomplished the ultimate goal of transitioning our patients into their new home. And, yet there is still work to be done – $500,000 to be exact.



Complete the most significant capital campaign in our history

This campaign represents more than just bricks and mortar; it embodies our commitment to creating a nurturing environment where children can heal and thrive.

Focus 100% on patient care and fulfilling our mission to help, heal and inspire hope

With your contribution, we can focus entirely on what matters most: patient care. Your generosity allows us to invest more resources into medical expertise, innovative treatments, and personalized care plans.

Continue expanding programs and services for children in need

Your support enables us to expand our programs and services, ensuring that no child is ever turned away due to lack of resources. We can develop new initiatives, enhance existing services, and reach out to even more families in underserved communities.

Sustain our Genetics services

By supporting our genetics programs, you empower us to delve deeper into understanding genetic disorders, enabling early diagnosis and personalized treatment plans. Your gift directly impacts the lives of children and families facing genetic challenges, providing them with invaluable support and expert care.

From decades of groundbreaking genetics research to providing youth psychiatric care, Shodair has never stopped working toward building for Montana’s future. And we won’t stop now! Join our mission to heal, help and inspire hope by giving toward our end of the year goal. 

Every organization has a story, and ours is still just getting started! Welcome to Blueprint of Hope – a blog that inspires the inspired, educates on mental health, and takes you behind the scenes of Shodair’s journey of caring for Montana


From the structural beams that bear patients handwritten names to the design of each of our spaces, Shodair’s new hospital building was carefully and intentionally built on the resounding voices of those who matter the most – our patients. 

This new hospital at Shodair is about continually taking care of Montana families. Shodair means hope for the patients we take care of. Shodair has been around for 127 years and there have been a lot of changes over the years. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to Montana.

Craig Aasved, CEO

Get To Know Our Patients and Donors

Get To Know Our Patients and Donors



Each year, Shodair receives more than 17,000 patient appointments. That’s thousands of hopeful lives that walk through our doors, families we get to interact with, and voices fighting for a better future

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You know what they say, “it takes a village.” And, at Shodair, our village spans across the nation. Designated as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in 1987, Shodair is honored to be the only CMN hospital in Montana …

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Shodair receives grant to help with construction

HELENA — Shodair Children’s Hospital received a $1.5 million grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust to help with the construction of their new 131,000-foot hospital.

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Suicide Crisis in Montana

There have been 25 young people die by suicide in Montana this year. That number is double what it has been…

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Terry and Patt Payne Make Six-Figure Gift To Benefit Shodair

Shodair Children’s Hospital received a $500,000 gift from Terry and Patt Payne to support the recently launched Building Hope for Montana Families…

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Maurice Shammel-1

Maurice Shammel

Maurice Shammel said his life was blessed. At the time of his passing last fall, he was 95, sharp as a tack, and fondly reminiscing about his life in central Montana…

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Tavia Wine-Olson

It was in late elementary school when Tavia Wine-Olson first started getting flashbacks of abuse. The childhood trauma that she had completely blocked was emerging…

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Shodair Children’s Hospital has received a $100,000 gift from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, directed to the Hospital’s campus-wide…

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Dick Anderson Construction

Shodair Children’s Hospital has received a $500,000 gift from Dick Anderson Construction, directed to the Hospital’s campus-wide initiative…

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Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home

Shodair is thrilled to begin this partnership with Murdoch’s and proud to have fostered our relationship with other…

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Why Do You Need To Care About Kids In Crisis

Tavia Wine-Olson is a vibrant 22-year-old with a promising future. She has a career in cosmetology, and just accepted a new job at a salon…

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Shodair’s Children’s Miracle Network Partners

Children’s Miracle Network Partners

Sharing is caring, help spread the word!

Sharing is caring,
help spread the word!