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A Weekly Content Series

Five years ago, we began dreaming of a space Montana kids deserve – one that was intentional, open, safe, flexible, and hopeful. And now, after years of listening, learning, and leaning in, that dream has come to fruition. Located at the edge of Montana’s capital city and standing three stories tall is a children’s mental health hospital that you can see right through. This is Shodair’s new hospital building – a space built of Montana, for Montana, and made possible by all of you. As we enter into the next phase of our building project, we invite you to join us here weekly as we walk through our new state-of-the-art space, connect with generous donors, give a voice to patients, highlight our resilient employees, and ultimately give you an inside look at our Blueprint of Hope, Shodair’s journey of caring for Montana. 

Every Dollar Counts

Tonight, dozens of the most vulnerable Montana children will sleep safely in rooms designed just for them. And while you may never step foot into our new hospital, you will live in a world touched by the recovery of our patients. Your commitment today has the power to change the lives of Montana families tomorrow. Join our mission to heal, help, and inspire hope by giving today.