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A Weekly Content Series

Five years ago, we began dreaming of a space Montana kids deserve – one that was intentional, open, safe, flexible, and hopeful. And now, after years of listening, learning, and leaning in, we’re beginning to see that dream come to fruition. Just months away from the opening of our new hospital building, we invite you to join us here weekly as we walk through our new state-of-the-art space, connect with generous donors, give a voice to patients, highlight our resilient employees, and ultimately give you an inside look at our Blueprint of Hope, Shodair’s journey of caring for Montana. Grab your hard hat and read on!

Every Dollar Counts

We’re not done yet! While our new hospital is almost complete, there’s still work to be done – $2 million to be exact. Join our mission to heal, help, and inspire by giving today.

November 10, 2022

Built of Montana, for Montana

In the last 126 years, it’s no surprise that a lot has evolved at Shodair – our building, our tactics, our scope of service. And, while a century has brought with it an entirely new landscape in the mental health field, our mission has always remained the same […]
November 1, 2022

A Space Montana Children Deserve

Now just months away from the opening of Shodair's new hospital building, it’s easy to grasp the vision of what’s to come: The hundreds of patients Shodair will be able to welcome each year. The deliberate sense of comfort and safety children […]
October 26, 2022

Mental Health Needs of Montana’s Children Increase

As the mental health needs of Montana’s children continues to increase, so does the needs for care. In Montana, Shodair Children’s Hospital is the premiere resource providing […]