Ways to Give

It is through the continued generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations that Shodair Children’s Hospital is able to provide a healthier and brighter future for our children.

Individual Giving

Individual gifts of all sizes make it possible for Shodair Children’s Hospital to provide children and their families the best mental health treatment available.

The generosity of our supporters has helped make Shodair Children’s Hospital a nationwide leader in specialized child and adolescent psychiatry, medical genetic services, and education.

There are several ways to make charitable donations to the Montana Children’s Foundation (MCF). Gifts can be designated for specific programs or departments within the hospital (restricted), or they can be unrestricted, which will benefit areas where the need is the greatest. For special occasions or to celebrate or remember the life of a loved one, donors may make tribute donations. There are also several naming opportunities available throughout the hospital. MCF honors each donor and acknowledges all donations.

The generosity of our supporters has helped make Shodair Children’s Hospital a nationwide leader in specialized child and adolescent psychiatry, medical genetic services, and education. To make a individual donation online, click here.

Planned Giving

The Shodair Children’s Hospital and Montana Children’s Foundation (MCF) family is always preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  With your support, by leaving your legacy for future generations of children, we will surely meet those needs. We will work with you and your professional advisors to design the right charitable gift plan that can address a number of planning and tax issues, while meeting your financial goals. Working as a team, we will structure a plan that will benefit you, your family, and the children of the future.

Planned gifts are charitable contributions made by taking into consideration not just your philanthropic objectives, but also your personal and family financial goals as well. A planned gift is one of the most personal ways to give, and it will ensure that your legacy with Shodair Children’s Hospital and the Montana Children’s Foundation will last forever.

You and your family will be forever recognized for your commitment and generosity to Shodair Children's Hospital and for your support in helping provide the best psychiatric and genetic care to our young patients.

To explore your charitable giving and planned giving options, contact Keith Meyer at 406-444-7529.

Tribute Giving

Honor the remarkable people in your life by making a tribute donation to Shodair Children’s Hospital. Tribute donations allow you to recognize special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and graduations, or to memorialize a loved one who is no longer with us.

Memorial Donations

Honor a special life and show support by making a memorial donation. Following your donation, a card is mailed to a family member or person you designate to inform them of your thoughtful gift. The gift amount is always kept private.

Honor Donations

Celebrate a special accomplishment such as the end of treatment, graduation, anniversary or birthday. Or thank someone who has made a difference in your life by making a donation on their behalf. We will send a card to the honoree to inform him or her of your thoughtful gift.

Click here to make a tribute donation online.

Corporate Giving

Treating patients from virtually every community in Montana, Shodair Children's Hospital is nationally recognized as a leader in providing the highest level of psychiatric care to the children we serve. Shodair and the Montana Children's Foundation (MCF) welcome and encourage donations from throughout the nation, including national corporations, foundations, and individual donors to help support the life changing work that happens here.

There are many ways in which companies can "partner" with Shodair and the MCF in order to help us reach and exceed our goal of providing the best psychiatric and genetic treatment available in Montana and beyond.

Ways to become a corporate sponsor:

For more information about corporate giving, please contact The Foundation Department at 406-444-7560.