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Proud to be Montana's only Children's Miracle Network Hospital!

Meet Montana's Children's Miracle Network Hospital Champion

High school senior Jordynn Hardman is a vivacious reader, has a rare genetic disease causing benign tumors on her vital organs, and is Montana's 2015 Champion.

Why donate to Shodair?

For 120 years, Shodair Children’s Hospital has served as a beacon in the night for struggling families. • We are here to help children and heal families. • We are here to facilitate medical testing to help find genetic answers. • We are here to offer patient treatments, house their families, and offer support regardless of ability to pay.

Shodair Family House

The Shodair Family House provides free temporary lodging for families while their child is a patient of Shodair Children's Hospital.

The magazine from Shodair Chidlren's Hospital

Our magazine showcases the work at Shodair, the success of the families we serve, and recognition of our donors.

About Shodair

Shodair began as a home for orphaned and abandoned children in 1896. As Shodair evolved to meet the needs of Montana's children, it became the first facility in the state to treat children with polio, the first facility with a department of medical genetics, and the first with a chemical dependency unit dedicated to adolescents.

For more than 119 years, Shodair has stayed in step with the ever-changing needs of Montana's children. Shodair's medical specialists develop programs that meet our mission of providing for the care and treatment of children suffering from illness, diseases, and other physical, mental, and emotional conditions that impair their health and well-being.

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Shodair Children’s Hospital is the only facility in Montana offering both acute and residential care.

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The Genetics Department provides genetic evaluation and counseling to persons of all ages throughout Montana.

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Shodair Children’s Hospital is proud to offer premier psychiatric treatment for children and adolescents, and comprehensive genetic services for people of all ages. If you have questions about how we can help a member of your family, please contact us. Additionally, we value your comments regarding this website. Send us your feedback by filling out the form below. We want to hear from you!

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